California Legislative Update – March 16, 2020

As of March 16th, there are several current bills in the California legislature related to workers’ compensation. See the table of all bills here.

New White Paper Finds Greater Control and Financial Savings Make Self-Insurance Best Option for Workers’ Compensation

The California Self-Insurer's Security Fund (SISF) released its white paper titled "The Secrets of Alternative Risk: Why Self-Insurance May Be Your Best Bet."  Read the full news release here.

IAIABC Member Spotlight: California Self-Insurers' Security Fund

The December IAIABC member spotlight features the California Self-Insurers' Security Fund. Read about their role in the workers' compensation industry, their thoughts on the challenge of increased complexity of workers' compensation regulation, their recently launched education program, and more here.

Bickmore Actuarial Study Finds Self-Insured Employers Save 14% - 28% Over Traditional Workers’ Compensation Insur

The California Self-Insurer's Security Fund (SISF) released findings of a study it commissioned conducted by Bickmore Actuarial comparing the overall cost of workers' compensation self-insurance with the cost of traditional workers' compensation the full news release here.

CASISF Alternative Security Program Frees $6.6 Billion in Working Capital for California Businesses

The California Self-Insurers’ Security Fund’s Board of Trustees has approved and implemented the 2019/20 Alternative Security Program (ASP), which frees $6.6 billion in working capital and provides California self-insured businesses greater financial flexibility. The ASP is a first-in-the-nation, innovative program operated...Read the full news release here.    

2019 Member Informational Meeting

The meeting was held on April 8th at the Disneyland Hotel at 9:30am.  Click here for the entire presentation.