The Fund

Established on July 6, 1984 by the California State Legislature, the Self-Insurers’ Security Fund is a non-profit organization responsible for managing the shared liabilities of workers’ compensation claims arising from companies become insolvent.

Security Fund Organization Chart

Board of Trustees

  • Tim East, Chairperson
  • Toni Allen
  • Stacy Bratcher
  • William Lyons
  • Janice Murphy
  • John Smolk
  • Steve Tolan
  • Lyn Booz

Executive Committee

  • Tim East, Chair
  • Janice Murphy

Audit Committee

  • Janice Murphy, Chair
  • Bill Lyons

Claims Committee

  • Steve Tolan, Chair
  • Toni Allen

Credit Committee

  • Tim East, Chair
  • Bill Lyons
  • Janice Murphy

Finance Committee

  • John Smolk, Chair and Treasurer
  • Tim East

Interim Executive Director/General Counsel

  • Dan Sovocool, Outside General Counsel

Claims and Operations Manager

  • Jill Dulich, Secretary


  • Adriana Mertinak

Credit Risk Manager

  • Grant Heinitz


  • Meaka Liu

Executive Assistant

  • Becky Lysaght