The makeup of the Fund’s current membership is extremely diverse, drawing on businesses in all sectors of the economy, including technology, healthcare, retail, automotive and construction.

Assessment Structure

In order to fairly calculate each participating member’s assessment share of the program, two factors are taken into consideration:

  1. Deposit Requirement based on
  1. a) The member’s actuarial determined net liabilities valued at year end (December 31), or,
  2. b) As determined by OSIP

The member’s credit risk as determined by Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and/or Fitch credit rating – based on a 16-level credit index from B3/B- to Aaa/AAA.

Partial participation – credit level tiers
Credit Index Moody’s S&P Fitch
2 Aa1 AA+ AA+
3 Aa2 AA AA
4 Aa3 AA- AA-
5 A1 A+ A+
6 A2 A A
7 A3 A- A-
8 Baa1 BBB+ BBB+
9 Baa2 BBB BBB
10 Baa3 BBB- BBB-
11 Ba1 BB+ BB+
12 Ba2 BB BB
13 Ba3 BB- BB-
14 B1 B+ B+
15 B2 B B
16 B3 B- B-