Common Questions

From time to time Security Fund members contact us about the many facets of self-insurance and the Security Fund. We have pulled together information to address some of the common feedback and inquiries we receive from members.

Common Questions

The following information is based on questions we have received from members about the Security Fund. Should you not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us directly.

Question: I am a self-administered self-insured employer. I have entered my User ID number and Password but the only portion of the Annual Report that I can access is Page. How can I access the portion for the claims administrator?

Answer: Use the same User ID number and password, but click on the button designated for the TPA instead of the button for the employer. However, if you are a self-administered employer that also acts as a third party administrator for other self-insured employers (for instance, a self-administered Joint Powers Authority that acts as the claims administrator for other self-insured public entities that are not in the JPA), a separate user ID and password will be assigned. Call SIP at (916) 464-7000 if you have not received notification of your password.

Question: How can you guarantee that data entered on the “fillable pdf” Self-Insurer’s Annual Report on line is confidential?

Answer: Any data that a user enters into the Self-Insurer’s Annual Report is not “on line,” but remains on the computer desktop. After completing the report on the computer desktop, the user prints and signs the report and mails it to the Office of Self Insurance Plans, so no data is transferred through the internet.

Question: Can I just print a blank annual report form and complete it by hand and mail it to Self Insurance Plans?

Answer: No. Completing the report on your computer desktop eliminates errors. The software prevents math errors in the reporting of claims and liabilities, and, in addition, the bar codes created by completing the report on the computer desktop allows Self Insurance Plans (SIP) staff to scan the data into the SIP database.

Question: As a third party administrator, I am attempting to select the Adjusting Location portion of the report for my client, but the self-insured employer does not appear on the drop-down menu for my agency. How can I obtain the portion of the report to report claims for that employer?

Answer: In all likelihood, there has been an administration change or other location change and the change has not been made to SIP’s database. Call SIP at (916) 464-7000 to report the change, and you will be able to download the report form for that employer as soon as the change is made.

Question: Can I print one report from the computer desktop, make copies, and then type the data onto the paper report form?

Answer: No. If a bar code was created from the original report, any data typed onto new report forms would not be imbedded in the bar code. The bar code would instead contain data from the first report.

Question: I am not able to print page one of the Annual Report. Why?

Answer: Page one will not print unless you have entered data into the fields for the number of employees and payroll. If you wish to print a blank page one before completing the form on your computer desktop, enter zeros in the fields for number of employees and payroll.

Question: I have entered all the data and the report will still not print. Why?

Answer: Make sure you have clicked on the green print button to print the document. If you tried to print from the pull down menu under “File” or by typing “Command p” from the keyboard (that is, by utilizing Microsoft Word protocols), the document will not print. If you are trying to print the Liabilities by Reporting Location and it will not print, and there are red and blue boxes around the fields, this means there is a mathematical error and it will need to be corrected before the report will print.

Question: The Annual Report form prints, but the bottoms of the pages are cut off, so the bottom portions of the pages do not appear. How do I address this problem?

Answer: If the entire page(s) will not print, make sure that page size is scaled to fit your paper. After clicking on the green print button, select the option to “fit to paper size” or “shrink oversize paper to paper size.”

Question: Data disappears, appears upside down, or appears in a mirror image, when I print the document. How do I address this problem?

Answer: Click on the red button to “reset the form”, download the form again from the SIP website, then re-enter the data.

Question: The pre-filled data identifying the Certificate Number and Adjusting Location assigned number do not appear on the form.

Answer: If you have clicked on the “Reset the Form” button, the identifying numbers will be deleted. Download the form from the SIP website, making sure you select the correct Adjusting Location. If this does not work, please contact SIP and we will email you your portion prepopulated.

Question: What is the Security Fund’s purpose?

Answer: The Security Fund’s purpose is to ensure that employees receive payment of workers’ compensation benefits if a private self-insured employer defaults on its workers’ compensation benefit obligations.

Question: How does the Security Fund accomplish this?

Answer: The workers’ compensation programs of self-insured employers are closely monitored by the State of California. If the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations determines that an employer cannot meet its workers’ compensation obligations, the Director may order that the claims be turned over to the Fund. Once the claims are given to the Fund, we handle them through conclusion and make every effort to provide benefits in a timely manner.

Question: Do your workers’ compensation benefits change in any way?

Answer: No, all workers’ compensation benefits are provided according to the rules and regulations of the State of California. The Fund may select a different claims administrator to handle your claim file, and this administrator will contact you shortly after your claim is turned over to us.

Question: What to do if you need to contact someone about your claim.

Answer: Your welfare and workers’ compensation benefits are important to us. When the Fund is ordered by the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations to continue payment of workers’ compensation benefits to employees of a defaulting private self-insured employer, those injured workers will be contacted by the claims administrator. Payment of benefits to injured workers will be made within 30 days of the order by DIR directing the Security Fund to commence benefit administration.

Please remember: The Security Fund is here to make sure you continue to receive your workers’ compensation benefits. We will work quickly to provide these benefits and answer your questions, so please call us if the need arises.